TrackBit is a clever piece of software that automates the process of scanning, choosing and compiling vast arrays
of disparate data sources. It is especially designed to streamline any due diligence/screening functions and make them efficient.



TrackBit first collects data from various sources such as Companies House, search engines, news sites, and many others.
Its unique artificial intelligence (AI)-based brain then builds its own model of the world as it makes sense of the data that streams through. This way it rapidly makes connections between events that are apparently unconnected and present data that would have been missed using conventional methods


TrackBit fully automates the entire process relating to due diligence and checks. It can be effectively deployed within various processes such as Know your Client (KYC) & Due Diligence (DD); employment screening for job applicants; and any checks that require company diligence & screening of individuals

Value Driven Process

Powered by the AI layer, TrackBit scrapes, analyses, and learns data from various data sources becoming more tacit in its knowledge of the domain. It handles data capture, validation checks, filtering and approval. Client intelligence is re- evaluted and updated based on any changes made to the source data. The data also gets presented in real time. Compare this to the time it takes a team to analyse the data and build the reports from scratch


TrackBit is entirely cloud based:
– Presents data from a wide range of sources at a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the error rate.
– Delivers time and cost savings and increased efficiency.
– Learns the search parameters and report building behaviour so that future searches can be performed even more efficiently.