Competitive Intel provides comprehensive data on competition, area demographics and new market trends, amongst
others. Its delivers very focussed data that helps to minimise risk and maximise your return on investment.


Through our unique algorithms, which drive how we collect, aggregate and summarise the data for your use. This sits at the core of our in-depth reporting capability.

Driven Process

While the information is derived from existing databases, government and other industry-standard sources, the Competitive Intel report actively analyses the target market in relation to only the relevant factors pertaining competitiony.


It collects relevant data from reliable sources such as GOV.UK, CQC, Companies House, etc.
Even takes into consideration the importance of “digital health”, i.e. how strong is the competition’s online presence? Data is obtained from online sources like Google.
The information on the final report is categorised into area demographics, overall competition analysis, digital health, online reputation.

Competitive Intel