It all started with Big Data. This has evolved into Smart Data.
Now step into the new frontier of Intelligent Data

Intelligent Data?

With technology evolving so fast we now have, within our grasp, the ability to crunch data for meaningful insights in a way never before possible. Our AI Engine is an integration of machine learning techniques.

What does this mean?

Picture a virtual human brain, constantly learning and continuously delivering only the right information. The AI engine actively seeks out only the relevant information, filtering out unnecessary ‘noise’.

What issues are we addressing?

Organisations have a lot of structured & unstructured data, stored in different systems and increasing in size, complexity and importance
But users consume the data in an isolated fashion, unable to have a global view. With growing amounts of data, extracting meaning is a constant struggle

How can we deliver quantifiable value to you?

Our AI Engine integrates across multiple data sources and brings together disparate information into a unified quantitative analysis environment.
In short, we make sense of it all for you

How The AI Platform works

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Lower Brain Functions

– Simple recognition
– Knowledge acquisition


Recurrent Memory Mapping

– Re-learn models
– Generate & test


Hyper Condenser

– Meta modelling
– Batch processing


Object /
Grammar Matching



– Pattern matching
– Validation


Higher Brain Functions

– Prediction
– Artificial selection


Data Sources Data access from multiple sources

Our Artificial Intelligence solutions can offer a single point of access to multiple business data sources (both open and licensed). We’re driven by your needs and on providing you with smart data to help you make informed decisions within investment analysis, strategy, market research, compliance, regulation and more.

  • Data-Aggregation

    Unified Data Aggregation

    Our engine connects to various data providers across the world. We ensure compliance with their terms and conditions.

  • Real-Time-Data

    Real Time Data

    Emphasis on aggregating, processing & reporting new updated along with historical data.

  • Customised-API

    Customised API

    While our solutions come built with connectivity to a variety of sources, we can create solutions that connect to your choice of data.

Benefits Of Our intelligent Data Solutions

The Intelligent Data Difference

Intelligent Data

Using Artificial Intelligence algorithms our solutions focus on unearthing data that may get missed by conventional methods


It doesn’t just stop at Intelligent Data. Our value chain continues with data analysis for any relevant patterns/trends that may be of use.


With industry standard firewalls, custom safeguards and encryption you can rest assured your data is safe.

Focus on business value

As process automation tools our solutions increase the efficiency of your overall data processes, reduce time and cut costs.

Clean, concise and professional reports

The final data gets presented on an easy-to-read report, which is accessible both online and as a hard copy.

Cloud based solution

The Artificial Intelligence solutions are hosted online, making it easily deployable and accessible.