Know-Your-Client (KYC)

Know-Your-Client (KYC)

KYC is an integral part of your client Due Diligence (DD) process. But conventional KYC tools are based on outdated technologies, no longer able to cope with present day requirements. With compliance and regulation getting tighter your KYC process needs to be smart.

Our Smart Data –driven solutions are proactive. They constantly assess existing data as well as new incoming data to stay ahead of the high-quality information journey. Data constantly gets aggregated, processed through our Artifical Intelligence engines and presented in a structured format.
This allows you to intuitively extract insight from vast amounts of disparate and unstructured data.

This entire process is fully automated, delivering highly relevant data at a fraction of the time.

Case Study

A leading financial organisation was spending increasing amounts of resources in performing key DD/KYC tasks. Such tasks involved searching large volumes of disparate data and manually matching & compiling them. This led to high error rates, and spiralling costs as the volume of searches increased.
To address this issue the AI Engine provides a matching capability that is able to put together entities, which conventionally seem different, and is able to aggregate them into a consolidated report format. This automates a key process that previously only a human brain could deliver. In this case however, the process is delivered automatically, at a high volume, at a fraction of time, error and cost.

Competition Intelligence

How much business value would a detailed competitor report add to your decisions? Informed decision-making for business investments is challenging given the sheer volume of data. Competition Intelligence is necessary to keep abreast of the current state of the target market and on its future direction.

Our Competitive Intelligence reports provide updated and comprehensive data on your competition, area demographics and market trends. We provide you with just the type of data to help you make the best decisions, minimise risk and maximise your return on investment.

Our unique in-house algorithms which drive how we collect, aggregate and summarise the data for your use. This capability is at the core of our Competitive Intelligence.


Case Study

High street commercial banks normally underwrite loan assessments on company fundamentals alone on a daily basis. The problems with this?

  • – The process takes unnecessary admin hours on the part of key banking managers as they manually sift through multiple data sources. For such key personnel this is a laborious task that costs the bank millions, whereas their time could be better spent on more strategic and value-adding tasks
  • – The managers themselves within the same organisation did not conform to the same data search process, resulting in higher error rates and poor resource allocation

Our AI Engine addresses this issue with a multi-pronged approach.

  • – The data aggregation is completely automated and covers a much wider range of data and goes further by including local competition
  • – Being automated, this process is thorough, real time and devoid of human errors. The aggregation brings out hidden statistics that may ordinarily be missed
  • – Only relevant data is presented on a professional report with to enable focussed analysis for loan assessments

Area Intelligence Reporting

Area Intelligence Reporting

Investing in a property equates to having confidence in that area. The decision to buy/rent/lease a commercial or residential property comes attached with risks & benefits which need to be carefully weighed

Our reporting capability delivers intelligence on current area stats – such as demographics, competition, crime rates, healthcare, schools, etc – that are pertinent to property investment decisions

What differentiates our area intelligence from others is the Predictive Analysis that sits at the core of the reporting:

  • In-house, smart & unique algorithms understand the data, and build models to draw conclusions in a meaningful way specifically tailored to the different sets of users
  • Only highly relevant and current information gets syndicated from reliable sources such as GOV.UK, ONS, etc
  • In-built analytics help to find facts and stats about the data that is otherwise hidden

Know Your Applicant

Finding a new employee is just part of the employment process. Pre-employment checks for employers are necessary from a compliance perspective.

Apart from the standard legal checks how much value would external information on your employee deliver? Conventional methods involve many manual checks on the employee’s background

Searching and hiring a new employee is an investment. Standard background checks do not deliver enough information in assessing the return on your investment.

Our Artificial Intelligence driven engine can pick up data from various data sources and present you with clear and concise information on your employee. When used in conjunction with standard legal checks, our KYA solution can empower you with highly relevant information about your employee.

Know Your Applicant



  • Traffic prediction and analysis: we can model traffic flows, model what happens when there’s an accident, or probabilities of accidents, accident hotspots.
  • Disease outbreak simulation for organisations interested in disease patterns, simulating events such as microbe spread.
  • Micro and macro economic simulations which are conventionally resource intensive.
  • Patient flow in hospitals simulation to deliver a more efficient way to run their wards.
  • Predictions on flooding in flood plains to optimise rescue efforts

Case Study

Epicuri is an intelligent app that revolutionises the restaurant/guest management process by automating & streamlining the entire guest services chain. The company needed to provide quantifiable evidence to demonstrate the cost-saving and revenue-generating features of the app.

Our AI Engine delivered this via an agent-based model of a wide variety of restaurant floor plans and themes (Pay-at-Counter, fine dining, pubs, etc). The resultant data simulated proved reductions in costs and increase in revenues

Custom Solutions

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine drives our Data-as-a-Service capabilities. This can deliver multiple uses across a variety of sectors including financial services, insurance, property, and medical to name but a few. Our AI engine is built around providing fully comprehensive solutions.
Here are just a few examples:

  • Short message analytics – e.g. twitter sentiment analysis (i.e. instead of providing a way to search twitter data, empower users with analytics tools. Can obviously be extended to email analytics
  • Textual inference: infer concepts from free text (English only)
Custom Solutions