The Journey

Algorithmic Digital Solutions was started by three entrepreneurs who were frustrated at how disproportionate data analysis software was in relation to big data.
So we built a software to extract intelligence from the complex & vast amounts of data out there.
We are passionate about innovation, market potential, and the value we deliver to our customers


our mission

Algorithmic Digital Solutions is a result of an evolutionary journey of business improvement.

Our vision is to empower organizations with business value from Big Data and analytics.
We took our first step with the aim of leveraging Smart Data as a commodity, fusing it with Artificial Intelligence & analytics to deliver quantifiable value to our clients.
Our Data-as-a-Service solutions are a result of an evolutionary within business improvement.

Our mission is straight-forward. Look for new ways to create value, and deliver business value and efficiency through the latest technologies.


How are we positioned to succeed?

Continuous innovation has been our mantra from day 1.

We are experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence technology.

We have a lot of shared experience in connecting technology to business value.

Our solutions are focussed primarily on how we can help you organisation to grow.

We work around a partnership model and are consultative in our approach

Our vision is that to empower organizations with business value from Big Data and analytics