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Artificial Intelligence software to convert your Big Data to Intelligent Data
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Looking for the fabled needle in the haystack? Analyse vast data sources. Derive meaningful and relevant insights. We deliver business value.

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Comprehensive access from big data sources

Our AI platform accesses various data sources via dedicated APIs. These include search engines, social media, blogs, news services, as well as sources specific to your organisation such as Lexis Nexis, Thomson Reuters and many others.

Distill the data with clever algorithms
Distill the data with clever algorithms

At the core of our solutions are clever, intuitive Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. These scan vast amounts data sources and proactively ‘learn’ to derive meaningful data that is relevant to your business function.

Generate business critical data at fraction of the time
Generate business critical data at fraction of the time

Cut generation time and empower your business. Our solutions deliver highly relevant content which has been screened and filtered to match your requirements.

Expand your Insights
Expand your Insights

Analyse trends and potential risks. Our comprehensive solutions come built with data analytics that allow you to assess data, identify risks/opportunities, and discover trends.

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